Building Community,
one business at a time!

Post-Loan Technical Assistance

Community Capital is a unique loan fund – we offer our business loan borrowers more than a loan.  Every borrower is eligible to receive the following “post-loan” support during the term of their loan with us:

  • at least 10 hours of post-loan technical assistance with a private consultant (click here for some of the business consultants we have worked with) of their choice
  • a $250 grant to pay for the cost of attending an eligible business education workshop or trade show

Why do we offer this extra support to our borrowers?  It’s one of our guiding principles:  small business owners are more likely to succeed if they have access to appropriate resources and ongoing support.

“I have been offering merchandise planning and inventory management services to retailers in Vermont and New England for more than twenty years.  Working with Community Capital, I am able to offer these services to business owners who might not otherwise be able to afford such expertise – helping them to increase their sales, cash flow, and profitability.”  - Barry Goodman, RMSA Analyst

The professional marketing assistance I received through Community Capital helped me to revamp my store, rework my strategy, and stretch my marketing dollars twice as far. The assistance doubled the value of every dollar I put into the project.”  - Janice Scruton, Owner, Trendy Threads/Cheap Kids II

Sample List of Business Consultants: