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Fee Schedule

Interest Rate 

Interest rates for amortizing loans are fixed at closing at two to four points over Wall Street Journal Prime.  Rates are determined by the Regional Loan Committee based on an evaluation of a variety of factors including the level of risk associated with the loan request.  Interest rates for Steps to Success loans (only Central Vermont) and Lines of Credit are fixed at closing at four points of Wall Street Journal Prime regardless of risk.

Application Fee

$25 for loans under $10,000; $50 for loans > $10,000 due and payable at time of application.  There are no application fees for emergency loans.

Closing Fees

The following fees are associated with loan closing and are the responsibility of the Borrower at the time of closing.

Origination Fee
1% of amortizing loan and line of credit requests and $25 for Steps to

Success loans due and payable at time of closing.  There are no closing fees for emergency loans.

Recording Fees
Borrowers are responsible at closing for paying appropriate recording fees
including but not limited to UCC filing fees, land record filing fees, mortgage recording fees, and fees associated with filing liens on vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Other Fees

The following fees are charged as appropriate to Borrowers.  As indicated in Community Capital’s loan documents and full policies and procedures, the Borrower is liable for additional costs including but not limited to costs associated with collection. 

Late Fee
Payments which are more than 15 days late will be charged a late fee equal to 5% of the unpaid portion of the regularly scheduled payment.  Late fees are due and payable together immediately.

Insufficient Funds Fee  
$25 due and payable when a new check is presented for payment.

Refinancing Fee           
$25 due at time of application for refinance.

Allonge (or Modification) Fee
$25 due at time of execution of note modification.

Revolving Line of Credit
A 1.5% holding and renewal fee based on the maximum Line Holding & Renewal Fee of Credit requested will be due and payable at closing. 

Lock Box Fee
Line of credit customers may be charged a fee for use of Community Capital’s lock box.  This fee is based on proportional usage of the lock box.